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The 7 Powers of Questions: Secrets to Successful Communication in Life and at Work   




Smart Questions: The Essential Strategy for Successful Managers




PowerSpeak: Engage, Inspire, and Stimulate Your Audience




PowerSpeak: The Comprehensive Guide to Persuasive Public Speaking and Presenting      (Hardcover edition – 50% off original price)




Marketing Yourself: The Ultimate Job Seekers Guide




Smart Questions:  Interview Your Way To Job Success

Smart Questions For Savvy Shoppers

Smart Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Smart Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Smart Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent

Smart Questions To Ask Your Stock Broker

Smart Questions To Ask About Your Child’s Education














PowerSpeak- 6 disc CD set ($95 w/ workbook | $65 w/o workbook)




Smart Questions: The Key to Sales Success- 6 disc CD set

($95 w/ workbook | $65 w/o workbook)




Market Yourself: Find the Job of Your Dreams in 12 Easy Steps-

6 disc CD set ($95 w/ workbook | $65 w/o workbook)




Super Sampling for Sales People:  The Smart Questions System and The PowerSpeak System (1 CD/2 programs)




PowerSpeak single CD program




System for Change: Making Positive Changes (1 cassette)




Smart Questions AMA film/video (25 minute training video with Leader’s Guide)








7 Powers of Questions T-Shirt




Bad Woman T-Shirt








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