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“Thought is what precedes change and all thinking is stimulated by questions.”

“Success is turning knowledge into positive action.”

- Dorothy Leeds

Less than 4% of the thousands of sales reps out there deliver a memorable, behavior-changing message, despite billions of dollars spent annually on these valuable assets. It is time to ask: is it the message or is it how the message is being delivered? Train your sales managers, sales trainers, and sales staff to ask more and better questions and you will reap the benefits--and so will your bottom line.

Why Questions? A strong, potent marketing message is not enough. That message needs to be set up properly so that it falls on interested ears. This never occurs through talking at some one. Think about how you feel when someone lectures at you. Your reps need to be asking the right questions to guarantee your message is heard, digested, and acted upon. Turning your salespeople from tellers into askers will increase the credibility of your reps, help them build stronger relationships with their customers, and substantially improve the investment you have made in your sales force.

Dorothy Leeds' goal is to help you build and structure a questioning ---thinking culture throughout your sales organization. This will result in better and different hiring practices, a highly focused training schedule, and question-centered coaching procedures.

  • Our first step would be to consult with you and your key executives to determine the scope and elements of your program. Let’s start with training.
  • Leeds and/or her associates can deliver and present Smart Questioning + Smart Listening = Sales Success to your sales force. This is a highly focused program, not a basic sales program, although most of the people who attend say they wish they had gotten this program earlier on in their careers.
  • Salespeople also tell us their managers need this program more than they do. This is why we provide Smart Questions: The Essential Strategy for Successful Managers. Questions help managers hire better people and train and coach them more effectively.
  • Dorothy can license the Smart Questions programs for your trainers to deliver.
  • Finally, based on your objectives, Leeds can consult with you to build an all inclusive Questioning Culture. These projects can be as broad-based as redefining the corporate, educational, or departmental mission, hiring & coaching practices, management and sales development  and other necessary training.

You don't have to be a sales organization to benefit from building a questioning culture. Dorothy Leeds can help you, whatever your industry, whatever the size of your organization or department.

Dorothy Leeds is the author of The 7 Powers of Questions and Smart Questions: The Essential Strategy for Successful Managers, as well as the sales program Smart Questions + Smart Listening = Sales Success. As someone who has researched extensively in the field of sales, she firmly believes that the sales people who ask the best questions are the ones who succeed. She also firmly believes that better questioning is the future for successful sales and sales management. She has the success stories to prove it. The VP of Sales at AT&T claims, "If you increase and improve your questions only 10% you can increase your sales and your productivity over 20%."


Here is how you and your organization will creating and nurturing A Questioning Culture you will:

  • BUILD a Thinking Organization
  • DEVELOP more effective leadership styles
  • ACQUIRE the right information the first time
  • REFOCUS the communications process from talking to asking
  • IMPROVE listening skills
  • STIMULATE initiative
  • BROADEN & EXPAND the thinking proces.
  • PROMOTE greater creativity in problem solving
  • AVOID costly communications mistakes
  • HIRE better people
  • PERSUADE - influence to get results
  • COACH people to perform up to expectations


  Dorothy Leeds
  245 West 99th Street
  New York, NY   10025
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