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What's in it for me?

The 7 Powers of Questions can transform your life and help you unleash your power.

The newest book by the author of Smart Questions and PowerSpeak shows you how asking the right questions will lead you to the answers you need to succeed in business, relationships and life.

In her new book, THE 7 POWERS OF QUESTIONS: Secrets to Successful Communication in Life and at Work, Dorothy Leeds shows you how to harness the power of questions to:

  • Be perceived as smarter, sharper, and savvier
  • Persuade others with sure-fire techniques known only by sales experts
  • Motivate and initiate change in yourself and others
  • Shine socially in every occasion
  • Communicate more skillfully and with greater finesse
  • Add new dimensions to your personal and professional relationships
  • Make fewer mistakes and have fewer misunderstandings
  • Fully utilize your many talents and abilities
  • Get the right information every time
  • Reach your full potential
  • Recapture and realize your dreams
  • Think more creatively
  • Discover new opportunities and build new relationships
  • Gain control in difficult situations
  • Improve listening
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Draw families closer together
  • Build a more satisfying and exciting career
  • Gain greater recognition
  • Get to the real truth

In today's intensely competitive business climate, where leaders seek to hire the best and brightest, they must offer the most desirable business environment. The power of questions is the magic wand through which you as a leader can transform your corporate culture. Leeds shows how refocusing your company's communication style around asking rather than telling can turn a stagnant organization into a Thinking Organization; dramatically improve the productivity of sales people; and increase your effectiveness to train, motivate, guide, and inspire your employees to greater heights of achievement and outstanding productivity.

"Questions take us beneath the surface of our lives and help us examine, analyze, and understand ourselves and others," Leeds concludes. "Without questions we are like travelers on a road without a map. With the power of questions we can take control of our lives and make the decisions about which of life's roads to take."

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