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Can I read choice selections?

**From Chapter One:
"Why a Book About Questions?"

People have been asking this question, and it is a smart one! Most people ask questions every day, but don't think about the questions and how they can make them more effective. Change is so vital at this time to everyone and every organization, yet it is questions that initiate change.
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**From Chapter Two:
"Power #1: Questions Demand Answers"

This is perhaps the strongest power, because all the other six powers are based on it. Here the answering reflex is defined and you will learn how this reflex is advantageous to the questioner. Leeds emphasizes the importance of the wording of questions and how that impacts the quality of the answer.
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**From Chapter Three:
"Power #2: Questions Stimulate Thinking"

We all want to think more clearly so that we can make better decisions about changing our lives and solving our problems. But, our thinking is determined by the questions we ask ourselves and the questions we are asked by others. Learn the questions you need to ask to get others to think more effectively and to challenge yourself to get to the real issues.
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**From Chapter Four:
"Power #3: Questions Give Us Valuable Information"

When was the last time you made a mistake and asked yourself, "Why didn't I ask that?" What was your last misunderstanding that could have been avoided by one simple question? Here, Leeds solves the mysteries of why we don't get the right information, why we have misunderstandings, and how questions will save you time, energy, and money.
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**From Chapter Five:
"Power #4: Questions Put You In Control"

People really feel stressed and anxious when they are out of control. Developing the questioning approach can provide control in the most difficult situations. The power always goes to the questioner. Here, Leeds shows you how a question can give you an equal playing field with authority figures, such as doctors and potential bosses.
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**From Chapter Six:
"Power #5: Questions Get People to Open Up"

People really do like to talk about themselves when they are asked. Therefore, as a questioner, the better your question, the more easily people will open up. Leeds shows you how encouraging other people to share their ideas and feelings will create greater team spirit and better relationships.
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**From Chapter Seven:
"Power #6: Questions Lead to Quality Listening"

We have all experienced the consequences of inadequate listening and we all know how we feel when someone doesn't listen to us. Are you a good listener? You can find out in the listening quiz. The simplest and best way to become a better listener is to become an asker. Once you have invested time in your questions, you will automatically become a better listener.
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**From Chapter Eight:
"Power #7: Questions Get People to Persuade Themselves"

From going on a sales call to convincing your children to clean their rooms to persuading a friend to come on a trip, Leeds shows you how asking the right questions can get other people to convince themselves. People believe what they say, not what you say.
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**From Chapter Nine:
"Sell, Lead, Think: Use Questions to Transform Your Organization"

Change is the result of focussed thinking brought about by insightful questions. The organizations that will succeed are those that capitalize on the potential of their employees. The question is the tool that will help you develop leaders who inspire and initiate change and build a stronger sales force. When your salespeople increase their questions, they will increase their sales over 20%.
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**From Chapter Ten:
"Closer Knit Than Ever: How Questions Can Draw Families Together"

Questions will help your family keep the lines of communication open and thriving. You will learn how to build the questioning habit in younger children and use open-ended questions to draw out non-talkative adolescents. Leeds shows you how questions can help all family members make better choices, solve problems more effectively, and build a strong, cohesive family unit. Read selection.

**From Chapter Eleven:
"Rediscover Questions: Recapture and Redefine the Essential You"

Leeds will motivate you to regain many of the attributes that are lost as we mature - curiosity, persistence, and self-confidence. By relentlessly questioning our selves, our feelings, and our needs, we can create a turning point in our lives. The happiest people are those who fully use their potential - questions will help you discover how special you really are.
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**From Chapter Twelve:
"The Fifty Smartest Questions"

Although, most of the best questions we ask come from listening to what other people, it still helps to have planned questions in many different situations. This chapter has developed 50 questions into categories, such as clarifying questions, consequence questions, and questions to help you tune into yourself.
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