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By Dorothy Leeds

Did you know that one of the most persuasive marketing concepts of all time is right on the tip of your tongue? It’s one of the most easily accessible power enhancers an insurance agent can find – language. Simple, natural language. The ordinary, every day word that can turn you into a dynamic, inspiring and powerful salesperson.

The key to power language is to recognize that words have something more than their basic meaning: they have emotional content, too. If you want to persuade your clients you must search for language that has emotional appeal. While you’re aiming in that direction, you’ll find these 12 words (and their synonyms) coming to your aid over and over again. Each month, try adding one more of these words to your marketing vocabulary:

Discover: This word evokes feelings of excitement and adventure. Tell your clients that you want to share a discovery with them and your enthusiasm becomes contagious. Let them detect, find, uncover, recognize, and realize the value of the product or service you offer. Help them visualize the discovery.

Care: Insurance can be a very emotional subject for some people. Showing that you care should be your number one concern. If you want to persuade people, retain clients and staff, let them know you care about their needs and desires and that you care about them.

Health: Self-preservation is a great motivator. Let clients know how much better they’ll feel when they invest in you and your insurance products. Also, salespeople who foster a healthy atmosphere and attitude themselves are more effective sellers. Take breathing, stretching, and stress reduction breaks during your busy day.

Money: Who doesn’t want to get a bargain, take advantage of a golden opportunity, or profit from an idea that will pay big dividends? Use these phrases wisely and watch your investment in words pay its own big dividends!

New: Clients want to know about new products that are available to them; they also want to know that agents are up-to-date about all the newest regulations that affect their insurance needs.

Guaranty: Whether your clients are naive newlyweds or graduates of the school of hard knocks, everyone is afraid of taking a risk on a product or service they haven't tried before. Take away that fear by guaranteeing that you stand behind your product. Assure your clients that if they should have any questions or problems, you'll be there to help them out.

Easy. Most people are looking for solutions that are simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, easy to understand -- all these terms reassure clients that no hidden difficulties lie ahead. Sharing your expertise and knowledge in layman's terms will certainly score points, and open up channels of communication for you.

Proven. Clients don't want to have to work hard to believe in you and what you're selling. Let them know your claims have been established by experts and authorities, have been demonstrated again and again, or have been ascertained, substantiated, validated, corroborated or verified.

Results. People want to know that they will be able to harvest the seeds of their investments. Get to the bottom line -- talk about outgrowth, outcome, upshot, conclusions and consequences. Tell people about what they get, what will happen, etc. Let clients know right up front that they can count on you, your product or your service to produce the results they need and expect.

Safety. Everyone is concerned about safety these days; the idea of safety is very comforting. Guarantee your clients' peace of mind. Offer them full protection, total security; let them know you will protect their valuable investment. Take away the guesswork and the needless worry.

Save. In this shaky economy, money is on everyone's mind. Even the wealthiest people shop for bargains. Why? Because everyone likes to save. It's not just money that entices; people also want to hear about saving time and energy. And saving on their insurance.

You. Powerful salespeople personalize their sales presentations and client meetings. You can't stir up excitement if you don't address your clients directly. Instead of saying "The benefits of the policy are..." say "The benefits to you are...." Don't say, "We meet our clients' needs," say "We will meet your needs." Anything you say to personalize your sales approach, make your clients feel special and that you're looking out for their best interest will gain you significant results. It shows clients that you care about them. And that's really what powerful selling is all about.

Power language is appropriately named; use it well and you will be perceived as being powerful also. As Mae West so aptly put it, "It's not what I say, but how I say it." Smart woman, that Mae.

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