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Dorothy Leeds is a motivational keynote speaker and a unique presenter -- she is the originator of "infotainment"! Combining her Broadway background with 22 years as a top communications and sales expert, she speaks to audiences of up to five thousand and receives rave reviews.

Her dynamic personality and theatrical presentations are a guaranteed way to get your audience's attention and appreciation. Make your next conference a memorable one by making Dorothy Leeds your keynoter of choice.

She will Impact - Inform - Inspire!

Please choose from the following inspiring keynotes:


The Power of Questions: Lead, Succeed, Activate Change!
  Dorothy Leeds will motivate, inspire, and enlighten your audience. Learn more...
** The PowerSpeak Show
  A theatrical and infotaining keynote presentation based on Dorothy Leeds' best-selling book, PowerSpeak. PowerSpeak continues to help thousands of executives, technical and sales people, scientists, and politicians to overcome their fears, gain credibility, and build their careers. Learn more...
** Market Yourself
  If you want to stand out in today’s job market and give yourself the competitive edge, MARKET YOURSELF! is the most important, most practical and most inspiring program you will ever find. Learn more...
** Women's Unique Strengths

A motivational, musical, and infotaining keynote.

Helping women recognize, nurture and maximize these incredible attributes.

Women have 15 unique and spectacular strengths.  Put these great strengths to work and believe in the wonder of you!  Learn more…

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  Dorothy Leeds
  245 West 99th Street
  New York, NY   10025
  212.932.8364 (FAX)

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