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Market Yourself: The Ultmate Job Seekers Guide

Job seekers of the 21st century must become ‘career entrepreneurs’ - treating themselves as if they were a small business, using sales and marketing techniques to survive. Unfortunately, these skills are rarely taught. That’s why this interactive, informative, and inspirational keynote is of vital importance to you.

Marketing Yourself will help participants:
  • Build the confidence they need to sell themselves without selling out
  • Improve their Success Factors - the 10 qualities every employer is looking for
  • Learn how to hook their "product" (them), into the real reasons people get hired
  • Use inside secrets from top sales professionals to 'clinch the deal'.
  • Sell themselves effectively in any interview situation
  • Eliminate key areas of interviewing anxiety
  • Negotiate for more than money
Marketing Yourself
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Read what Dorothy's clients are saying...

The road to a better job is, unfortunately, paved with clichés, lousy advice, and generic wisdom. That’s why Dorothy Leeds’ ideas are so urgently needed. Combined with her insights into the ‘secret reasons people get hired’ Leeds’ tips on selling add up to a winning edge for the job seeker.
- Martin Stoller, Professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Market Yourself was informative, inspirational and motivational. Many of the 900 students in attendance told me that not only did they enjoy the presentation, but they also felt more confident as they begin their job search. Dorothy Leeds is an entertaining speaker who can relate to the “real world” of work and give students specific instructions for reaching their career goals.
- Vicki Tyson, Assistant Director for Career Programs, The University of Florida

The information in this book applies to all types of jobs, regardless of industry or level of responsibility. It goes beyond looking for a new job- it can be used to improve on-the-job performance as well.
- Gerard A. Miller, Merrill Lynch

Dorothy Leeds’ Market Yourself was an eye opener for our graduating students. I am sure that they now know how to enter the job market with the kind of confidence they need at job interviews & throughout the job seeking process.
- Harjiv Singh, President, Association of Business Majors, NY Institute of Technology

The first step to success is understanding yourself. You have to find creative ways to market what you have discovered. Market Yourself provides the road map.
- Buck Rodgers, author of The IBM Way

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