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The PowerSpeak Show

A theatrical and infotaining keynote presentation based on Dorothy Leeds' best-selling book, PowerSpeak. PowerSpeak continues to help thousands of executives, technical and sales people, scientists, and politicians to overcome their fears, gain credibility, and build their careers.

Dorothy Leeds
In The PowerSpeak Show, you'll learn essential strategies and techniques to get and keep your audience's attention. After all, the only reason speakers are ever needed is to make information interesting and meaningful! Let Dorothy Leeds lead the way! She practices what she preaches.


What makes The PowerSpeak Show Unique?

  • The motto: NEVER BE BORING!
  • Funny, Colorful, Impactful Visual Aids
  • Songs-Contests-Interaction
  • And Our Key Points
  Don't Run for the Door, Faint, or Hyperventilate:
     Learn How to Conquer Your Fear and Panic
  Grab 'em at the Beginning and Knock 'em Dead at the End
  Move over Leno and Letterman!
     Tell engaging stories.
   Use politically correct humor.
  Professional Speakers' Inside Info:
     Overcome the Six Major Speaking Faults
     Conquer the Five Trouble Spots
  3 Magical Phrases 100% Guaranteed to Transform You Into an Interesting Speaker

Read what Dorothy's clients are saying...

"Thank you so much for your keynote presentation: it was certainly the most informative and engaging public speaking presentation we have ever heard on any subject!"
-Tara Hickey, GlaxoWellcome

"What a wonderful addition your PowerSpeak Show was to our National Sales Meeting! The information provided was thoroughly entertaining: you were such a dynamo that our staff truly enjoyed the presentation - which, as we know, always helps retention."
-Missy Godfrey, publisher Worth Magazine

"The most useful, most comprehensive, and best book on public speaking that I have ever read."
Michael LeBoeuf, author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life

"PowerSpeak is a potent guide to public speaking for all. The advice will be valuable to anyone interested in making their presentations more interesting and compelling."
Thomas R. Horton, CEO, American Management Association

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  Dorothy Leeds
  245 West 99th Street
  New York, NY   10025
  212.932.8364 (FAX)

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