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Women's Unique Strengths


Women individually have many strengths – these they must recognize, use, and nurture.

As a sex, we collectively have many strengths and this speech celebrates them.

Just some of women’s unique and amazing strengths:

UNDERSTANDING INTERDEPENDENCY - The whole world runs on interdependency. Women definitely understand dependency better than men. In the past, we depended on others—we felt we had to. In today’s world relying on others is a necessity. We are all interlinked and interlocked.

INTUITIVE - Rudyard Kipling wisely stated, “A woman’s guess is more accurate than a man’s certainty”

MORE INTERESTING VOICES - Women are more articulate and verbal.

Women's Strengths
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Women's Unique Strenghts

Hermione Gingold claimed, “Fighting is essentially a man’s idea—a woman’s weapon is her tongue.”

CATALYSTS – Our role in the family was always to be a catalyst- to be that wonderful agent to bring out the best in everyone. What a fulfilling strength! Don’t you feel wonderful when you see your kids and colleagues growing because of your support and belief?

WORK HARDER – Gloria Steinam – “I’ve yet to hear a man asking advice on how to combine marriage and a career!

What are your individual unique strengths?

What specifically will you do to maximize them?

Read what Dorothy's clients are saying...

Thank you for your superb presentation at our kick off meeting. You enlightened and enlarged our world and you had us with you for the entire time. I found your enthusiasm infectious. You gave us great tools to believe in, and sell ourselves." - Laure C. Aubuchon, Chair, American Women Achievers of the YWCA

You were absolutely terrific! The accolades from our attendees were nothing short of tremendous. Everyone took home something they could put to good use.” - Joan Mooney, The Equitable Financial Companies

Thank you for your speech, you were wonderful! Your presentation is still being talked about. Everyone appreciated your lively, personable style, and of course, your practical tools.” - Vee Reynolds, Program Chair, AWBO - Association of Women Business Owners

You were marvelous according to our feedback. The turnout was more than we anticipated and was one of our best attended luncheons ever. You really hit a nerve!” - Paula J. Gould, Luncheon Chair, Association of Professional Insurance Women

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