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Powerwriting: How to Get Your Message Across with Ease and Authority!

Finally! A short, effective boot camp for today's writers! There is enormous power in the written word. Just as people who speak well are admired, so are writers who can get their point across. Often your first connection with others is through the written word. You are judged by the words you write; when you write well you are perceived as better educated, clearer thinking, smarter, more organized, creative and credible.

A universal (and frequent) complaint bosses make is that no one seems to know how to write these days. Executives don't have secretaries, they have administrative assistants who have expertise in areas other than writing, grammar and spelling. Executives must know how to write for themselves. With so many people working at home - full time and part time - it is imperative that they too know how to write well.

What are busy executives to do? How about utilizing proven techniques to turn reluctant, boring, longwinded writers into clear, concise, commanding communicators? All it takes is PowerWriting. By overcoming the 5 major writing faults and conquering the 3 trouble spots, participants will become more engaging and impressive writers.

This program was developed by Dorothy Leeds, whose PowerSpeak System continues to train thousands of executives to be persuasive and compelling speakers. Powerwriting is built on that success. Dorothy Leeds has a winning formula-and so will you.

Get Your Message Across With Ease And Authority
A one- or two-day workshop

Course Content:

    1. The Role and Responsibility of a Writer
      1. Myths and fallacies about writing
      2. Writting for business
      3. Connecting to your readers with facts and feelings
    2. Conquer the 3 Trouble Spots
      1. Open with impact and command attention from the start
      2. Close memorably as you sum up
      3. Persuade and lead with transitions
    3. Overcome The 5 Major Writing Faults
      1. Define your purpose
      2. Organize: Make it easy to follow and your readers will "buy in"
      3. Edit! Edit! Edit!
        Simplify your message
        Say what you mean
        Reduce your information
        Focus on the key points
      4. The Whys and Whats
      5. Write for your reader
    1. Language and Style: Words and Phrases
    2. The Sentence
      1. Misplaced words
      2. Subject/verb agreement and parallel construction
      3. Active vs. passive voice
    3. The Paragraph
    4. Organizing and Connecting your Thoughts
    1. Spelling
    2. Grammar
    1. Building Blocks of Form and Structure
      1. E-mail
      2. Memos
      3. Letters
    2. The First Impressions: Looks Do Count

This is our generic outline: Your program will be carefully tailored to your audience and their needs. Attendees will receive individual critiques.

For our one-day workshop, here's what you will learn and practice:
* Shortening and editing sentences
* How to construct simple and effective paragraphs
* How to list your thoughts and ideas for maximum impact
* Where and how to use transitions
* How to summarize
* Writing memos, letters and reports

For our two-day course, we provide practice on memos, letters and reports. And we will add (based on attendees' objectives, current skill level, and needs):
* Meeting agendas, minutes and summaries
* Proposals
* Short articles
* Newsletters
* Questionnaires
* Sales and promotional copy (the double readership path)
* Contracts and agreements
* Press releases

This program is for executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs and anyone else who must communicate through the written word, and who wants to do so easily and with greater impact.

The program will include a workbook, consisting of a series of graduated exercises, starting with basic, easy-to-apply principles, and then moving on to the more challenging ones. This will be an interactive program since people learn by doing, not by viewing.

Writing is a skill which can be easily acquired. Most people have not been taught to write well by the right instructor. Although we may cover some simple rules of spelling and grammar, this course will focus on the art and skill of becoming a more concise, organized, interesting and persuasive writer. You will work in small groups and create several writing samples which will be critiqued. You will also develop excellent self-coaching skills and ongoing ways to critique yourself. Since writing well is an art form, there is always room for improvement. The very best writers write, edit and rewrite daily. There is no substitute for practice.


Our instructor will be your consultant for one month after the course. One of your writing samples can be faxed to her. It will be corrected and sent back to you with comments and corrections for your continuing progress as a writer.

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