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Smart Questions + Smart Listening =
Dialogue Selling

Designed and Delivered with Dynamic Accelerated Learning Techniques
By the Questioning Crusader

"Improve your questions 10% and increase your sales and your productivity 20%
-- and that's conservative!

-- Robert L. Focazio, VP Sales, AT&T

Use Smart Questions and you will stand out from your competition.
-- Dorothy Leeds

Salespeople are looking for one thing: answers. The only way to get those answers is one word: questions. Dorothy Leeds will lead salespeople to the knowledge that they need to gain more sales.
-- Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible and Knock Your Socks Off Selling

"It was my great pleasure to see you and renew my enthusiasm for your 'Smart Questions' techniques. It has since made such a tremendous difference, not only in how I sell and communicate with my customers, but also in the way I communicate in general."
-- Steve Botcher, Territory Manager, Parke-Davis

There are two kinds of successful salespeople. First, there are those people who have a formula and keep using it. They may be successful, but they rarely become as successful as the second type of people. The second group are those salespeople who are open and willing to learn and grow-even though it means letting go of some of their habits and feeling a little uncomfortable.

And the time has come for all salespeople to use a different approach. Selling is changing as your clients are becoming more knowledgeable, busier, and able to do more for themselves la the Internet. Smart salespeople will look for new and better ways to communicate. As we become more high-tech, the high-touch skills are more and more valuable. Leading those skills are asking and listening. In this program, participants will learn and practice both skills.

Dorothy Leeds is the Smart Questions expert. She wrote the first book on the art of questioning: Smart Questions (McGraw-Hill, featured by 3 book clubs including Fortune Book of the Month). Her newest book, The Seven Powers of Questions, is based on her work and research of the last 10 years.

This is the first, only, and best program to focus on the two most critical tools of salespeople - questioning and listening - throughout the sales process.

Program Outline


  • Expectations
  • What is a Sale?
  • Rules to Live By

The Seven Powers of Questions to include:

  • Questions Demand Answers
  • Questions Put You In Control
    • Six Step Objection Handling Process
  • Questions Stimulate Thinking
    • The Two Categories of Thinking Questions
    • The Three Essential Thinking Questions
  • Questions Get People To Open Up
  • Questions Stimulate Quality Listening
    • Right and Left Brain Listening
  • People Believe What They Say, Not What You Say
    • Learn the Secret to Get People to Sell Themselves
  • Questions Give Us Information
    • Four Reasons Why It's Hard to Get the Right Information
    • Developing Super Probes
    • The Essential Qualifying Questions

Practice and Application

  • Intense listening activity
    • Learn the difference between right and left brain listening
  • Develop opening questions
    • Tailoring them to your client's social style
  • Up Front Role Plays (A new technique)
  • Super Selling Practice

Dorothy's Smartest Sales Questions

Take the Pledge

Specific Program Objectives

Overall Objectives: change your selling and communication style from telling to asking.

  1. to develop specific planned questions
  2. to develop the asking habit -- "thinking on one's feet"
  1. DEVELOP super probes- better than what how and why- to stand out from your competition.

  2. BUILD competencies in questioning (probing, qualifying and closing) and listening.

  3. INCREASE and improve both the quantity and quality of your questions.

  4. TAILOR your questions to the 5 personality types and social styles.

  5. DEVELOP the asking habit.

  6. FOLLOW and practice the 6-Step Objection Handling Process.

  7. PRACTICE Closed Ended Closing Questions.

  8. DEVELOP opening Smart Questions to use immediately.

  9. WORD your questions for maximum benefit.

  10. PRACTICE and IMPROVE both right and left brain listening.


  • Your program can be day to 2 days, depending on the applications you select and if you desire videotaping.
  • Your program will be tailored to your specific needs and objectives in terms of time, number of participants, and level of competency.
  • We provide Train the Trainer and certification, training effectiveness evaluation, and intensified follow-up.
  • If you wish a video presentation, we can provide our award-winning video Smart Questions, produced by the American Management Association.
  • For many of our clients, we create and record a one-hour Smart Question audio cassette - specific to your products and services. This stimulates on-going learning and skill developments.

Working with the Expert

Since we are a small organization, our principal, Dorothy Leeds, will work with you throughout the development, delivery and follow-up process. You get the expert, not an associate; you will receive consistency and avoid costly communication mistakes.

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