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All You Need To Know To Be An Outstanding Videoconference Leader

Executives are busier than ever and travel costs are soaring. The solution: the videoconference. This is easier said than done. Videoconferencing is difficult, requires new skills, and needs different preparation techniques. How do you keep the audience's attention? With no physical face-to-face connection, how do you get your message across? How do you appear warm, real, connected? The answers to these questions and more are covered in Dorothy Leeds' program, based on her proven PowerSpeak System.

Learn to:
* Appear natural, warm, and spontaneous, even though you are two-dimensional
* Avoid the pitfalls of videoconferencing and overcome the difficulties
* Use questions to maintain control and generate involvement
* Make the audience stop, listen, and forget about their distractions, and learn
* Prepare like a pro

Your customized program will contain the following ...

  1. Your Role as a ...
    1. Speaker, Moderator, Facilitator, Expert, and Teacher
  2. Important Tips and Techniques for Successful Videoconferencing
    1. The camera
    2. Your eyes, mouth, gestures, head, and posture
    3. How to appear natural and project a balance between low-key thoughtfulness and energy
    4. Makeup
    5. Use of notes
    6. What to wear
    7. How to sit and stand
    8. Use of language
    9. Utilize "right-brain breaks" to reinforce your message
    10. The importance of transitions
    11. How to be conversational
  3. The Trouble Spots
    1. Those revealing "uhs," "ers," and "ums"
    2. Openings -- How to get and keep attention and connect to your audience
    3. Closings -- Close memorably and persuasively
    4. Transitions
      1. Using transitions to turn an average presentation into a great one
      2. Transition persuasively
    5. Questions and Answers -- How to Stay in Control and Remain the Expert
    6. Visuals Aids
      1. Use them well and gain 50% more attention
      2. Editorialize, don't read
  4. The Speaking Faults
    1. Lack of a clear purpose
    2. Lack of organization, leadership and transitions
    3. Too much information
    4. Lack of support for information
    5. Not enough right-brain breaks
    6. Monotonous voice
    7. Not meeting the needs of the audience - speaking from your perspective, not theirs
  5. The Solutions
    1. Prepare, prepare, prepare
    2. Imagine the camera to be a warm supportive person
    3. Practice with a video camera
    4. Ask questions to involve the audience
    5. Be energized and enthusiastic
    6. Practice, practice, practice

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