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From Chapter Eleven
"Rediscover Questions: Recapture and Redefine the Essential You"

on learning to be a kid again

Several years ago we heard about discovering our inner child. I think it's time to discover our inner questioning, curious child. We need to start asking questions until we are satisfied. We need to ask questions of our spouses, our partners, our doctors, our bosses, and even our friends. We need to give thought to why we choose the friends we do. How do they expand our lives? How do they enliven them? When we are together, do we always tell the same old stories? They say that friends will see us through the bad as well as the good times. How honest are your friends? Do they have the courage to call it like it is, even when you won't?

Most important, we need to ask ourselves questions.

"Today is the first day of the rest of you life," went a once popular saying. What are you going to do with yours? And what would you do today, if you knew tomorrow would be the last day of your life?

We often ask ourselves questions when we find ourselves in transitional moments: after we have overcome illness, job loss, or when a relationship ends. These are good times to be asking that question, but they are not the only times we should be asking. Times change; we change. Our wants and needs and desires do not remain a steady constant from the moment we leave school to the first time we hold a grandchild in our arms. We keep growing, not evenly, not chronologically, not even logically. Our pasts and presents mingle with our futures. We do not know where our lives will take us next; that is what makes life worth living: to discover the answer to the next, the ultimate questions. What's next? We are constantly evolving, constantly changing. And as we do, like the children we once were who asked questions to make sense of our world, it is just as important for us-in getting the right information, and in fulfilling our potential-to first ask a question, and then we must ask it again and again.

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