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Advanced PowerSpeak Course

"Anyone using the PowerSpeak System would be greatly benefited."
-- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The purpose of this program is to provide additional practice for people who have conquered the trouble spots and the 6 major speaking faults and for communicators who want to focus on the following fine points that really make a difference. We did not have time to incorporate these techniques into the original PowerSpeak and some of the included items have repeatedly appeared on course evaluations. These are elements that must be mastered to be an effective speaker.

Program Content

I. The Trouble Spots and 6 Major Speaking Faults Revisited

II. Increasing Effectiveness of Visual Aids

  • Designing them
  • Using them
  • Transitions
  • Directing the Audience & the Visual

III. Adding PEP, Stories, & Humor

  • Point Example Point
  • Incorporating the Three Magical Phrases
  • Thirteen Helpful & Not Too Difficult Humorous Devices
  • Design, edit, & tell a story with impact

IV. Mastering Questions

  • How to Become an Expert Facilitator as well as Speaker
  • The Role of the Facilitator
  • The Role of the Expert
  • How to Handle Difficult Questions
  • How to Handle Difficult Questioners
  • Understanding Group Dynamics

V. Language

  • Credible, Confident Body Language
  • Its Importance, During Opening, Closing & Q&A
  • Powerful & Persuasive Words & Phrases

VI. Practice the First Conclusion, the Q&A, the Second Conclusion

VII. Our Grande Finale


  • Participants will come with a prepared talk. They will receive, in advance, instructions for this.

  • Some of the talks will be videotaped, some not.

  • We will start with a videotaping of their prepared talk. Step by step, we will add Directive VA's, PEP, Questions & Answers, and the two Conclusions.

  • We will provide time and coaching in class to help participants incorporate all elements we discuss. Attendees will practice each of these elements individually.

  • We will conclude with a final videotaped presentation which will incorporate and integrate all the course elements.

Overall Course Objective

To take existing presentations to a higher level by focusing on and practicing key elements -- Q&A, VA's, Body Language, Language, PEP, Humor, and Conclusions -- through use of discussions, videotapes, and feedback.

Specific Behavioral Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will:

  • see themselves on videotape twice (before & after).

  • learn and/or practice:
    • how to deal with tough questions.
    • how to conclude memorably with the two-conclusion process.
    • how to design, select a VA
    • how to direct & transition into and out of VA's.

  • have practice in applying principles of group dynamics.

  • understand and/or practice:
    • impactful and authoritative body language.
    • more powerful, persuasive, directive language.
    • practice and integrate humor and the PEP formula.

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